(Available for a Limited Time Only and Money Back Guaranteed!)

Get started today with experiencing the simplicity, flexibility and profitability of offering virtual networking services for your customers – Netsocket Virtual Partner Pilot Kit.

The Netsocket Virtual Partner Pilot Kit is a 1-site system and provides you all of the necessary components to trial and demo the attributes and benefits of Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution.  Each Pilot Kit includes the following:

  • 1 MicroCloud Server (Netsocket Virtual Network software included)
  • 1 MicroCloud Switch
  • Select vApps
  • 1st year Software Support and Services
  • Pricing: $850

If after 60 days from receipt of the Pilot Kit, you are not fully realizing all of the benefits expected of virtualized networking, feel free to return the Pilot Kit for a complete refund (terms and conditions apply).

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Netsocket today and start taking advantage of the significant opportunities awaiting you at the network edge.

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