PHOTO: Netsocket Virtual Edge Solution

Netsocket’s Virtual Edge is a solution specifically optimized for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and their enterprise remote office and SMB customers.  Virtual Edge is a cloud-managed virtual network solution that enables service providers to deploy highly profitable managed services to their business customers. Through advanced cloud-based Automated Application Delivery (AAD) and network orchestration, Netsocket enables service providers to turn up new services and scale rapidly, become more profitable and be on the forefront of delivering next generation services.

Benefits of Virtual Edge for Managed Service Providers

  • Operational Savings - Virtual Edge Orchestration allows 10:1 installation and operations savings over legacy solutions
  • Higher ARPU, Stickier Services Catalogue - Couple Virtual edge service with customized cloud-hosted vApps for 4X revenue growth opportunity
  • Extensible Inexpensive CPE - Virtual applications on the MicroCloud Server eliminate appliance bloat and deliver 3:1 CAPEX savings
  • Open Ecosystem - Avoid vendor lock-in and deploy best of breed services from suite of qualified vApps
  • Rapid Service Deployment - Deliver automated services quickly through orchestrated installation and network plumbing on the MicroCloud Server
  • Expansion of Service Area - Low touch installation allows for over-the-top service delivery outside of MSPs regional service area
  • Small Up-Front Investment - With central hosting, every customer gets a MicroCloud Server as they turn up, costs expand only as revenue grows

Empowering MSPs to Grow Revenue and Deliver Profitable New Managed Services

MSPs that provide networking services to enterprise remote sites traditionally have had to make a big investment in operational costs for hands-on installation and configuration.  With Virtual Edge, service providers can ship a pre-configured MicroCloud Server that connects to the cloud and learns its custom configuration automatically.  At the customer site, the MicroCloud Server replaces the need for dedicated routing hardware.  The Virtual Edge Automated Application Delivery (AAD) feature can then be used to automatically deploy, install and plumb additional open-source or third party applications (vApps) such as advanced security, WiFi, and monitoring.  

By layering on services based on vApps in addition to managed routing, service providers can increase their revenue per user easily by a factor of 4 times the revenue achieved through managed routing alone.   This is possible because of the complete automation of the process of application deployment and the lower cost of virtualized applications that run on the MicroCloud Server.  Netsocket works with MSP’s to identify best-of-breed open source and third party applications to qualify as a vApp capable of automated orchestration.  The list of supported applications grows daily, and a current list of vApps can be found here.

Underlying Technology
Powering the Virtual Edge solution is the company’s Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN), an advanced framework for network virtualization and automated application delivery, with powerful automated orchestration capabilities that enable centralized design, management and deployment of software-based networks. The Netsocket Virtual Network architecture is a fusion of the best principals of cloud hosting, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN), applied to real-world solutions at the edge.  All network functions are virtualized, management and orchestration is cloud-hosted, and the networking components are layered in a three-tier SDN architecture.

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