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Netsocket continues  to grow its manifest of qualified commercial and open source vApps through its  Netsocket Virtual Partner Program. Netsocket is constantly evaluating industry leading vendors that recognize the need to deploy their virtualized applications at each branch office. Today these vendors suffer the agony of having to deploy a dedicated x86 appliance to host their application at the branch office. This is particularly true for SMB branch offices where the capex per user required to purchase a server for the site typically destroys the profit margins of specific deals. Further, the installation, network provisioning and day 2 management of the physical server and its local network connections normally requires a truck roll followed by visits to maintain or re-provision the server – all contributing to high opex and low product profitability.

Netsocket’s Virtual Edge offers a compelling solution to the application vendor’s dilemma, a path towards virtualizing their product line and an opportunity to extend their market reach through a lively Managed Service Provider channel. Netsocket understands the market demand for a virtualized solution delivering networking services at the edge. We have devoted our expertise to deliver the Virtual Edge, a cloud-managed virtualized networking and application orchestration solution that is optimized for branch offices of distributed enterprise and SMBs.

Datasheet: Building the vApps Ecosystem

About vApps

The Automated Applications Delivery (AAD) feature of Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution orchestrates the co-residency of technology partners’  virtualized applications to work in concert with Netsocket’s software components. vApps are the broad set of third-party open source and commercial applications that are offered as a suite of available services for Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution.  Netsocket’s Virtual Partner Program is the means for us to consider your virtual application as a qualified vApp.  To view today's qualified vApps click here.

Benefits of Becoming a Netsocket Virtual Partner for Technology Partners:

  • A new distribution channel for your virtualized applications.  Netsocket’s  Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers have the opportunity to turn up your services on the Virtual Edge’s MicroCloud Server.  AAD does not mandate the operationalization of qualified applications. MSPs are free to customize the method by which they deliver service using each application’s web front-end or secure shell (SSH) configuration user interface.
  • No certification required. There is very little to no design effort required from the application vendor in order to partner with Netsocket.  Because of the loose coupling required to each application, the velocity with which applications are added to the list of “qualified” applications is high.
  • Testing/Qualification Process. The technology partner provides application images (ISO, VHDX) as well as manual steps to install, initialize, activate, apply initial configuration and provision the application’s networking interfaces to Netsocket. Netsocket’s qualification team will construct scripts that automate these steps and validate the automation with the partner. This process typically requires less than a day of real-time consultation with the partner’s support staff and requires little to no development integration.
  • Easy to join.  Register today to enjoy a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with Netsocket  that's focused on helping customers transform the way they deploy, utilize and experience the many benefits of virtualized networking.

To Register, simply click here.


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