Automated Application Delivery (AAD)

Netsocket delivers a wide range of best-of- breed virtualized applications through its industry-leading Automated Application Delivery (AAD) feature. vApps broaden the service catalogue of managed service providers, increasing service ARPU and stickiness.

AAD facilitates the fully automated deployment of vApps, reducing opex and improving the profitability of those services. AAD is a capability delivered by NVN product components, vNetCommander and vRemoteAgent. AAD allows a service provider to deploy, install, configure, and “plumb” a wide range of vApps on each MicroCloud Server at the branch site with no truck rolls required.

vNetCommander is the cloud-based, multi-tenanted application that automates and orchestrates the installation, network provisioning and day 2 management operations of all virtualized applications hosted on each branch office MicroCloud Server. vRemoteAgent is installed in a virtual machine on each MicroCloud Server and is the workhorse that performs the virtual machine creation, application installation, network provisioning and day 2 management tasks initiated by vNetCommander. Automation of all lifecycle management workflows removes the need for truck rolls, reduces labor significantly and simplifies the skillset requirements (and consequent labor rates) of each task. The result of this simplification is higher speed of new application/managed service introduction, higher ARPU, significantly reduced lifecycle capex and opex and higher service operating margins.

vApps for Virtual Edge
Netsocket’s initial manifest of virtualized applications, or vApps, includes a broad set of open source and commercial applications. This set of vApps is expanding rapidly through Netsocket’s Technology Partner Program. (add link to technology partner program area on  website)


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