Optimized, Cloud-Managed Virtual Edge for the SMB & Enterprise Remote Office

Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution delivers reliable, cost-effective cloud-managed virtual edge networking and automated application delivery that is optimized for enterprise remote offices and distributed Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

The Virtual Edge enables service providers to deploy a highly flexible and feature-rich set of managed services for business remote LAN/WAN edge environments. Virtual Edge capabilities can be installed in distributed SMB and enterprise remote offices without the need for truck rolls or onsite network expertise that’s typically required for network moves, adds, and changes.  Virtual Edge replaces the traditional router, layer-3 switch and server at the edge with a low-cost MicroCloud Server, a commodity small form-factor x86 platform.  The MicroCloud also gives the business the capability to purchase and automatically turn-up an open ecosystem of third-party virtual applications (vApps) to enhance their business toolset.  Netsocket’s cloud-based orchestration engine automatically connects the applications and network functions through virtual wiring – the end customer has an almost zero-touch experience.

MicroCloud Server - All Services in One MicroCloud

Benefits to the business include:

  • Low cost, secure, reliable enterprise-class edge connectivity
  • No expertise required - managed service requires low-touch and no on-site service appointment
  • Pay-As-You-Grow with predictable support costs – eliminate costly capex investments
  • Future-Proof Platform – Try-And-Buy new cutting-edge services and scale with no service interruption and no need to purchase and install new appliances

Operational Savings, Scalability, and Ease-of-Use
Virtual Edge for Small-to-medium businesses hosts all necessary WAN-LAN edge networking functions including routing, switching and firewall (shown as vFC and vFS applications in the figure below) on a MicroCloud Server. Because the MicroCloud Server is virtualized, it can host any other virtual applications, whether they deliver networking or non-networking functionality.  Businesses can look to their service provider to remotely design and manage all aspects of the remote network, as well as interconnect the network with third party add-on applications such as WiFi, VPN, Voice services and more.
With a managed service desk, turnkey networking, enhanced scalability, and the ability to easily add services based on business demands, Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution provides the flexibility, speed of installation, and cost savings that MSPs and their customers need in order to scale network capacity and deploy value-added services at their own pace.

Underlying Technology

Powering the Virtual Edge solution is the company's Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN), an advanced framework for network virtualization and automated application delivery, with powerful automated orchestration capabilities that enable centralized design, management and deployment of software-based networks.  The Netsocket Virtual Network architecture is a fusion of the best principals of cloud hosting, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN), applied to real-world solutions at the edge.  All network functions are virtualized, management and orchestration is cloud-hosted, and the networking components are layered in a three-tier SDN architecture.

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