PHOTO: Netsocket has developed a Virtual Edge solution, a cloud-based virtual network specifically optimized for distributed enterprise and SMB networks.

Businesses today continue to struggle with the high cost, complexity, and the lack of flexibility of legacy, hardware-based networking technologies, particularly at the network edge of enterprise remote offices and distributed Small and Medium Business (SMB) environments.  In order to maintain a competitive business advantage, customers and service providers need a simple-to-install, cost-effective, end-to-end cloud managed solution that provides secure, reliable edge connectivity.

With years of experience devoted to the development of cutting-edge Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN) products, Netsocket is now at the forefront of this technology evolution with its Virtual Edge solution – a cloud-managed virtual network that is optimized for LAN/WAN edge environments and eliminates the excessive costs and rigidity associated with legacy networks.

The Virtual Edge can be installed in remote offices of distributed SMB and enterprise environments without the need for truck rolls or the onsite network expertise that would normally be required for network moves, adds, and changes.  Because the Virtual Edge is deployed on an extensible x86-based MicroCloud Server platform, service providers can rapidly deploy new managed services that emphasize the unique value of their own core IT services.

The Virtual Edge solution utilizes powerful network orchestration and automated application delivery capabilities, so customers and MSPs can remotely design and manage all aspects of their remote networks, as well as integrate third party add-on applications. With a managed service desk, zero-touch/turnkey networking, enhanced scalability that provides significant operational savings, and the ability to easily add services based on business demands, Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, leaving the networking to their service provider.

The Virtual Edge utilizes the Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN), an advanced framework for network virtualization, with powerful automated orchestration capabilities that allow businesses to design, manage, and deploy software-based networks in a centralized fashion. Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution consists of NVN software components – the vFlowController™, vFlowSwitch™, vNetCommander™, and vRemoteAgent™ – as well as the Netsocket MicroCloud Server and MicroCloud Switch that are dispersed across a distributed, multi-site environment.







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